Sunday, April 25, 2010


When I first saw Sleepy Sun about four years ago they were calling themselves Mania and playing the kind of generic, white-boy blues that ex-rockers usually start "jamming" on when they hit their midlife crisis. Skip ahead a year or two later; we've all migrated from Santa Cruz to San Francisco and the band has changed their name to Sleepy Sun. I get an email from the band asking if I'll trade some poster work for free admission and some burrito money. I attended the show with low expectations but was completely blown away. This was an entirely new band! I new from the very first time I saw them that they were going to be a very big deal. These guys have it all figured out. Their melodies are pretty and accessible enough for the indie-rockers and heavy enough to keep the heads listening.
Sleepy's debut album, Embrace, is a perfect example of that dynamic. One minute they're soft and spacey and the next they're shredding on a riff that you can easily bang your head to. Their influences are all over the board. You can hear as much Jefferson Airplane in their music as you can Black Sabbath. Combine spaced-out vocal harmonies, pummeling drums, heavy-as-fuck bass grooves, and squalling guitar solos and you've got yourself one hell of a psychedelic album.

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