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Before Ricky Gervais became one of the UK's finest (and funniest) actors/writers/producers/whatever, he tried to make it as a second rate 80's Bowie.

More fun from Wikipedia: In 1985, a radio station in Metro Manila, Philippines, DWRT-FM, started playing a song billed as "Fade" by Medium (also billed as "Medium" by Fade), which quickly became a favorite of many Filipino teenagers. DWRT-FM had lied about the song title and artist name which prevented anyone from finding the record and playing it themselves. Additionally, to stop other radio stations from recording it and playing it, DWRT-FM inserted a station I.D. midway through the track. Eventually, another radio station revealed the identity of the song as "More to Lose" by Seona Dancing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Norman Orr

Nick Kulp

Dead Meat Design

Ben Wilson

Arik Roper

Zach Hobbs


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Does anyone know anything about this band? Fit for Fight is one of the best metal albums ever made but I still can't find any info on them other than a) they are from Denmark and b) they recorded with Henrik Lund (who also recorded Mercyful Fate). Why are they such a mystery?

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Monday, November 8, 2010


Morbosidad/Perversor split LP: “Invocaciones Demoniacas”

Welcome to hell! Nuclear War Now! Productions recently unleashed this slab of blasphemous black/death metal for all those strong enough to chug a skull full of goat blood, puke on a shit-smeared Catholic altar, and straight up rape the Virgin Mary in a pool of her own tears.

I was really excited to hear that Perversor and Morbosidad were teaming up for a split LP. For one, split Lps are a great format – with the LP’s greater length you get all the benefits of a split 7” with none of the drawbacks; you don’t have to flip the fucker every five minutes and you get to check out two bands for the price of one. I’ve been familiar with both bands for a while, Morbosidad having released a slew of full-lengths and EPs in their 17 year history, and Perversor having released only a few records, most recently the “Demon Metal” mini LP on Hell’s Headbangers Records.

First up is Morbosidad. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and lead by gas-mask clad Tomas Stench, they play a grinding, blasting and heavy as shit brand of black/death equally influenced by the South American bands of yesteryear like Sarcofago and Vulcano, Finland’s mighty Beherit and Canadian “war metal” pioneers Blasphemy. This recording starts with two brief hymns to darkness, sung completely in Espanol, and continues to rip it up for four more tracks of violent metal. They move from blast beats to more conventional thrash drumming, with an occasional slower almost “mosh” tempo in places. The recording is clear and heavy, the guitars thick, but not super polished and very natural sounding. This shit makes me want to flip over a fucking bus full of nuns! Tomas’ vocals are mostly midranged growls, and the band is very tight, something missing from lesser bands playing this “bestial” style of metal. I prefer a more focused attack for this kind of stuff – the atmosphere is so chaotic that if the songs are played too loose everything blends together into a total fucking mess, which is not the case here. This record is just plain raging.

Perversor are on the flipside and hail from Chile. They play a very complimentary style for Morbosidad – again blasting and of course brimming with blasphemy, drawing from the piss-filled well of their South American brethren, but with some crucial differences. They are much more chaotic sounding, due in part to a rawer and more reverb drenched recording, and also because of the vocals – they’re raspy and very out of control, with a lot of reverb as opposed to the dryer sounding Morbosidad vocals. Another difference that I really like with these hellions is the very pronounced thrash/speed metal influence. Sometimes they’re playing riffs reminiscent of early Sodom and Bathory or, perhaps, Merciless, but way faster than those bands ever did, then they suddenly break into slightly slower thrash-to-the-bone drum patterns with some killer double bass. Basically, these riffs are made for fucking headbanging. The second of their six tracks, “Vortice De Destruccion,” is a particular highlight of this method. While I think this recording is a little weaker than their debut “Cult of Destruction,” and not quite as catchy as that abomination, they still lay down an absolutely solid batch of tunes that will satisfy any fan of no frills black/thrash metal. Crack a fucking beer and put your fist through a window!

I highly recommend this split, and if you get it, nab the LP over the CD; it contains a great eight-page lyric/artwork booklet with some bad-trip psychedelic drawings from Perversor vocalist Torrid, and a huge poster of the cover art by Chris “Thorncross” Moyen. Buy and go straight to hell!
Morbosidad photo taken from their website:


by Roy G. Biv

by Vidya Gastaldon

by Billy Perkins

by Drew Ward

by Chuck U

by Stacie Willoughby

by Zomic

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I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies. I will watch any movie from the genre, no matter how bad it is. And the sad truth is that most of them are garbage. But every once in a while I stumble across a real gem like this one.

She is the story of a man-hating goddess (Sandahl Bergman) who joins two hunky dudes in a search for their kidnapped sisters. Hijinx ensue. Be prepared for swastika-clad future-punk bad guys, laser-eyed communists, transvestite biologist, topless hot tubbing, and a heavy metal soundtrack. Fuck yeah.

I couldn't find any youtube videos that really did the movie justice, so check out this Sandahl Bergman workout video instead: