Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies. I will watch any movie from the genre, no matter how bad it is. And the sad truth is that most of them are garbage. But every once in a while I stumble across a real gem like this one.

She is the story of a man-hating goddess (Sandahl Bergman) who joins two hunky dudes in a search for their kidnapped sisters. Hijinx ensue. Be prepared for swastika-clad future-punk bad guys, laser-eyed communists, transvestite biologist, topless hot tubbing, and a heavy metal soundtrack. Fuck yeah.

I couldn't find any youtube videos that really did the movie justice, so check out this Sandahl Bergman workout video instead:

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  1. Olinka VS. Ursula

    I thought you were talking about the Hammer Productions but you're talking about the other SHE. I have the VHS. It has a few plays left and a kick-ass plastic box.