Friday, December 16, 2011


On May 17, 2008, Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, a pair of Swedish identical twins, were traveling through England for reasons unknown. They were kicked off of their bus near Keele for acting suspiciously and decided to walk the rest of the way to London. They were spotted walking along the median and the highway patrol were called in to escort them out of the road. When the twins saw the police they fled into traffic and Sabina was struck by a car. Amazingly, nobody was seriously injured. Minutes later, as police and paramedics were trying to piece together what happened, the twins fled into traffic again. Ursula was hit by a semi-truck and thrown under the wheels, crushing her legs. Sabina was hit by a Volkswagen and knocked unconscious for fifteen minutes. Both women proceeded to fight off paramedics. Ursula thrashed about in the road screaming, "I recognise you, I know you're not real" and "They're going to steal your organs!" Upon regaining consciousness, Sabina got to her feet, struck a police officer and ran back into traffic. She was eventually restrained and sedated and the two women where finally taken to the hospital.

Two days later, Sabina pleaded guilty to trespassing on the motorway and assaulting an officer. She was released on time served. That evening she struck up a conversation with Glenn Hollinshead and Peter Molloy, two friend on their way home from a pub. She explained that she was looking for her sister who was in the hospital and she needed a place to stay. Hollinshead to pity on her and invited her to come back to his place while they sorted things out. Sabina appeared friendly at first but her increasingly paranoid behavior creeped out Molloy and he eventually split. The next day, for reasons nobody knows, Sabina Eriksson stabbed Glenn Hollinshead five times with a kitchen knife and killed him. She fled the scene and was sighted by a passing motorist covered in blood and hitting herself in the head with a hammer as she ran down the street. The motorist tried to subdue her and she hit him on the head with a roof tile. She was soon spotted by paramedics and she tried to escape by jumping off a 40 ft bridge onto a motorway. She broke both her ankles and was taken to the hospital.

Sabina was sentenced to five years for manslaughter (reduced from murder on account of temporary insanity). To this day, she has refused to make any comment on the events of May, 2008. Ursula recovered and returned to her home in the United States. She is still in contact with her sister.

So what drove these women to this sort of mad behavior? Blood tests showed that neither one were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Was it the result of a government mind control experiment gone awry? Where the Erikssons genetically modified super soldiers? Or was it merely some form of shared psychosis?

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  1. That story is fucking crazy! The dual insanity is suspicious.