Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I meant to write this review months ago but to be honest, I have more important things to do than tell you lazy fucks what to listen to in a timely manner. You get it when you get it.

If you read my review of their last album then you already know if nuts about this band. Hemisphere brings back everything I liked about the last album (heavy-but-technical riffs, super tight rhythm section, weirdo synths) and puts a new spin on it all. The main difference between this and their previous albums is that they've added a healthy dose of boogie to their sound. This is obviously a deliberate move; frontman Dusty Sparkles has been singing the praises of Michael Schenker is recent interviews. Speaking of which, is it just me or is heavy boogie making a comeback lately? Annihilation Time took that turn when they morphed into Lecherous Gaze. Saviours' last album definitely cranked up the ZZ Top a few notches. I'm not complaining; I'm a big fan of bands like Cactus, Robin Trower, and early James Gang. But I issue a warning to all you heshers with a penchant for 70's blews rock- it's a slippery slope from heavy boogie to dad rock. Ethan Miller miller and Joel Robinow (of Comets on Fire and Drunk Horse) have been toeing (and sometimes crossing) the line for years with Howlin' Rain and Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) has fully crossed over into dad territory with Harderships. What gives? Is dad rock cool now or is my peer group just getting older?

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  1. What the hell is dad rock anyway? It's just music, personally I'd rather hear dad music if you wanna call it that, or even a little grandpa rock. Not to mention uncle rock kicks ass to. Maybe metal and punk are is such a dull state that people want to play other shit, I think lecherous gaze does "dad rock" the best . I mean it's a horrifying world that we live in filled with generic stoner rock and black metal bullshit. Not to that mention doom metal crap, don't get me started