Sunday, September 16, 2012

Him go bend him yansh him go shit

In 1970, Afrobeat superstar, Fela Kuti, declared his compound, the Kalakuta Republic, a sovereign nation. The compound housed his 27+ wives, children, bandmates, a free health clinic, and a recording studio. Naturally, Nigeria's dictatorship did not take kindly to the affront to their authority. Police were constantly raiding the place. During one particular raid in 1974, police planted a joint on Kuti. Being the total badass that he was, he snatched the reefer up and swallowed it. But the authorities weren't about to leave it at that. They arrested Kuti with the intention of sending his poo off to a lab to be analyzed for drugs. Kuti was able to swap dooks with another inmate and the police were forced to let him go. The following year, Fela released Expensive Shit, which openly mocks the police for wasting so much time and money on his bum nuggets. If that's not punk as fuck, I don't know what is.

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  1. i feel a strange high of enlightenment from learned this...