Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Better than it looks...

Picked up this gem at Dave's Record Shop today. Don't be fooled by it's boring-ass cover; this album is a nonstop thrashing metal party. Released in 1982 on Neat Records, Wiped Out was Raven's second release. The band (along with labelmates, Venom) helped bridge the gap between the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and thrash before moving to the States to put out some overproduced bullshit on Atlantic records.
Just looking at the track listing, you can tell that Wiped Out is gonna be great. With song titles like "Bring the Hammer Down," "Star War," and "Chainsaw" how can you go wrong? Blasting drums, screaming guitars, and Halford-influenced vocals bring the rock and don't let up until the very end. (Okay, so there's a 30 sec. acoustic guitar interlude, but no wimpy ballads!!!) Highly recommended for any fan of early metal.

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