Thursday, March 18, 2010

Even white boys get the blues...

I picked up this double-lp at Dave's Records in Berkeley a couple of weeks ago and it keeps finding its way back onto my turntable. The 'Hogs formed in '62 and served a brief stint as John Lee Hooker's European backing band in 1964 before heading off on their own to record a slew of great albums. Heavy blues rock doesn't get much better than this. The album starts of with "Groundhog," a more traditional accoustic blues number. Not exactly my bag, but pretty good for what it is. Tony McPhee and Co. then plug in and pick up the pace with a groovy jam called "Strange Town" and keep the rock going through all four sides until "Amazing Grace" at the end. This collection of tunes gets better and better(and heavier)as it progresses. Highlights include "Sad is the Hunter," Cherry Red," and "Soldier."

PS- If you're in the Bay Area, you need to check out Dave's Records. It takes serious balls to open up an all-vinyl record store in this economy and I'd like to see his place stay open. 2634 San Pablo on the corner of San Pablo and Carleton.

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