Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Anyone recognize the little guy with the microphone?

If you said "Tina Turner's little bitch in Beyond Thunderdome" you are correct.

Angry Anderson

And while we're on the subject of Rose Tattoo, has anyone else noticed how unintentionally homoerotic this band is? Don't believe me? Let's take a quick look at the song titles on their first album: "Nice Boys", "One of the Boys", "Bad Boy for Love"? Um, is it just me or does Angry seem a little boycrazy? Throw in some lyrics like "got tattooed arms and rings in my ears, never gonna suffer a straight man's fears" and you've basically got the musical equivalent of He-Man.

And what's with all the pictures of the band cuddling?

If Angry ever reads this, he's gonna kick my ass.


  1. Not to mention they were banned from Australian TV when Angry and the guitar player KISSED during a performance on a "Top of the Pops"-type program:

    "And it wasn't just music that band was known for - their 'bad boy' antics also got them attention, like the time the band was banned from Countdown after Angry kissed bandmate Mick Cocks.

    "Initially it was a ban off the ABC," says Angry. "We laughed it off because we thought it was the best publicity you could ever have. I've been kissing blokes all my life. I rode motorcycles and I played football, you know, kissing blokes is just second nature. We were locked up in the ABC studios doing Countdown. It was the Grand Final, most of us were into AFL. They locked us in a room, in between rehearsals with two bottles of whisky you know, and about four slabs of beer."

  2. the unintentional homoeroticism ends at exactly 1:00 in the video

  3. Your tone suggests you're speaking from a position to be able to criticize the band - as if your laughable "blog" or anything else you've done rivals the achievements of Rose Tattoo. Best part is that never in a million years would you have the nerve to call anyone in the band "homos", or a "little bitch". Chump.
    But perhaps there are reasons you're fixating on these homoerotic undertones - confront them! Be who you are! Gay is ok in 2014.