Thursday, December 23, 2010


You're 8 years old. You think of yourself as the "class clown." You do a retard impression that all of your friends find hilarious. Life is good.

Flash forward 35 years. You have your own daytime talk show. You've had a moderately successful movie career. You're American's #2 lesbian icon. Life is still good, but where do you go from here? There's really only one option: it's time to revive your childhood retard impression.

Here's what real internet people have to say:

"I thought this was a very touching and human story... my family and I loved it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys decent and honest stories with very real, human characters and very insightful and at times confronting observations on life. I agree with the comment made by another user who thought that Rosie O'Donnell deserves an Oscar for her portrayal of Beth. This film made me laugh and cry!"

"Although the film is directed more toward women, I enjoyed it(I am a male) and I suggest it to many people."

"Rosanne [sic] was better than excellent in this role. Her portrayal of Beth was exceptional. I'm nearly speechless."

"Hallmark Movies has not failed us yet."

"I would like to thank Hallmark and Rosie O'Donnell for a well-acted and well-presented movie that I will allow my young grandchildren to watch. That in itself is a real accomplishment in this age of Science Fiction and bad language."

"Watching Rosie O Donnel as a retard is magnificent. Her acting skills are unbelievably realistic, similar to other characters that were retarded such as Rainman and Special Ed. This role was meant for her and this character's life was meant for her. Bring this film to a party and your friends will be delighted as she screams, yells, and acts like, well - a retard - in this spectacular made-for-TV movie. Riding the Bus With my Sister's weakest point is that Rosie is not featured in every scene. There are a couple uninteresting subplots, which just aren't worth seeing. The film would have been much better if Rosie had been on a bus for the whole hour and a half. There are some other minor problems with the movie as well - in one scene Rosie is wearing yellow and can be mistaken for the actual bus. Any person with a strong humerus bone should see this modern day comedy classic." I couldn't have put it better myself.


  1. It's awful to use the word retard as an insult. People living with special needs deserve better than that. Just like you and me, people with special needs come in all shapes and colors. No reason to mock people based on a few IQ points. Frankly we're all one step away from disability.

  2. This is fucked up. I loved it!

  3. I am coming solely to this blog for my entertainment news from here on out.

    Also, I highly recommend the Beatles Anthology for footage of John Lennon's you say...impressions.