Saturday, July 23, 2011


Here it is- the holy grail of punk rock. Thirty-four tracks is just over 30 minutes. Sloppy, stupid, offensive and perfect in almost every way. When I was 15, this album changed ruined my life.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short is not so much a proper album as a compilation of seven inch material from the first decade or so of their career. If you're familiar with their other albums, don't fret. This isn't the same old mediocre Beach-Boys-meets-Ramones swill they've been releasing since the mid 90's. This is shitty, boneheaded teen angst done right.

Piss off your parents here.

Insider scoop: word has it there's a Day Late tribute band in the works featuring members of Uzi Rash, Dirty Cupcakes, and Glitter Wizard. Stay tuned for details.

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