Friday, July 8, 2011

...with an airbrushed pictures of some mountains out back.

Okay kids, time for me to drop some more goodies on y'all:

Imagine you're at a house party, cracking open your first beer and waiting for the band to show up. You've never heard of them and their name sounds kinda corny but they're friends of your friend and he listens to cool music so who knows, they might be good. Some shitty van pulls up in the driveway and a bunch of dudes pile out. They don't look like rockers. They're kinda older and some of them are balding and is that guy wearing sandals? They're setting up and expectations are low but you're already here and the brews are free so might as well stick around for a bit.

Holy shit! These guys actually shred! A lot! Rock the Light is about as sincere and unpretentious as cock rock gets. These dudes lay down some serious shreds and top it off with song titles such as "Hesher in a Half Shirt" and "Hotbox the Car."

And do you know what? I'm gonna grace you with their first album, Let's Do Something We'll Both Regret for free because I'm such a nice guy. And I don't feel bad about it because this band never remembers to bring their merchandise. I've been going to see them every time they come through town (which is almost never) for about eight years and I still haven't been able to get their second album, The Summer We All Got Laid. If any of the dudes from the band are reading this (they're not) I WANT THAT ALBUM. PLEASE.

Do something you won't regret here.


  1. I always saw us as "Thought Rock".

  2. Look, Rock The Light is more than just five really good looking dudes who can play their instruments really, really well.


  3. HAHAHAHAHA. oh man, I love rock the light. i also love how both comments are from rock the light. i have been on the fence about posting their albums for years because i'm an asshole and i totally shred. also ive been busy, hanging out, making out, getting high, etc.

    ive got a gig tonight, RTL, im playing your jams.

  4. Rad!! Very apt description buddy!!

  5. Bro, gimme an address and I'll send you a copy of Summer! Look for David K Aslanian on FB.

  6. Update: shortly after posting this I received a copy of both Summer and the never-release lost RTL album from Mr. Albright himself. Thanks, buddy!

  7. Buy their new release, Giving Up Never Felt So Good here: