Thursday, September 22, 2011


You never heard of Feederz? Well listen up, punk! Not many "punk" bands have had much of an impact on me since I was a wee teen, but hearing these guys for the first time was a definite game changer.

Feederz formed in Arizona in 1977 and released one EP before their singer, Frank Discussion, was forced to flee to San Francisco for distributing anti-school literature in Arizona High Schools. He reformed the band in 1984 with Mark Roderick and D.H. Peligro. Frank was known for his outrageous shock tactics, such as firing blanks at the audience and appearing on stage with live crickets and bloody tampons glued to his face. The group was even banned from Gilman for throwing roadkill at the audience!

Feederz' first full-length, Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?, is a fucking masterpiece. They somehow manage to be catchy, snotty and abrasive in the same breath. And their lyrics are guaranteed to send poseurs running for the hills. Take their hit, "Jesus," for instance: "Jesus entering from the rear, fucking you in the ass. Just another faggot in just another mass." Something to offend everyone! Ever Feel... also includes an Olivia Newton-John cover ("Have You Never Been Mellow") and the original vinyl comes with grip tape on the cover so it thrashes your other records. Punk!

Go fuck yourself here.

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  1. aww good memories of you playing this record for me when you lived on the west side of santa cruz