Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something's Wrong With Bloggers

Remember "freak folk?" Seemed pretty cool at the time until we realized that the best the scene had to offer were Devendra Banhart and Johanna Newsom. But there was one band that seemed to slip under the radar. Vermont's Feathers pulled from not only the best vintage avant-folk (think Comus and the Incredible String Band) but psychedelic rock and raga as well, giving them a truly "freaky" and chillingly beautiful sound. Their eight member lineup included Kyle Thomas and Asa Irons who went on to form Witch. (I personally think Feathers are better than Witch) They released one self-titled album (it rules) on Gnomonsong which can easily be found at your local record store but they also self-released a tour-only CDR called "Something's Wrong With Feathers." You're only gonna find this one on the world wide web so get it here now.

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